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"Finti" artisti di strada ?!

A Firenze se non vinci un bando di concorso per suonare in strada rischi una multa di 100 Euro, il sequestro degli strumenti e ... cosa peggiore, di essere chiamato "FINTO" artista di strada. Ma sul serio ? FINTO ?

Any idea what I can do to reduce memory usage by Friendica ?

Que reste-t-il de nos amours - Cover by Elif trio - June 2019

Voice: Elisabetta Fratoni Guitar: Giulio Stracciati Trumpet: Sandro Santilli

Feature request of the day, from current whatsapp user: allow defining a background (and text?) color for a post.


Despite the many bugs and frustrating experiences I'm still here. Not sure if anyone will read this message because my contacts were all destroyed by loss of private key but I'm still here. Not only I'm here, but I keep inviting people.

Today I invited a new person. She joined ( but nothing, from a mobile phone, gave her any indication of me requesting an introduction to her. Will she ever get back ? Let's see :)

\cc @Steffen Rühl (NOTE: I'm pinging Steffen but he'll never get my ping most likely, becuase I never did a backup of my keys and there's no way to recover).

\cc @Fabio (as I can hope you'll read this and maybe forward over :)

\cc @Elisabetta to see if she'll also get notifications (by mail, in spam folder?) about mentions...

Jun 22
Elif Trio in concerto
Sat 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM Public Pub Sinalunga
Via Delle Persie 79, 53048 Sinalunga, Italy
Concerto jazz & blues

Giulio Stracciati chitarra
Sandro Santilli tromba
Elisabetta Fratoni voce